iPhone 5-friendly nano SIM cards arrive at T-Mobile

T-Mobile customers can now get in on the Apple iPhone 5 fun, as nano-SIM cards have arrived at the carrier’s stores. Though Apple does not sell the iPhone via T-Mobile, The nano-SIM cards allow unlocked models of the well-known smart phone to be activated on its 4G HSPA+ network.

Subscribers will still need a legal contract with T-Mobile to utilize the iPhone on the network. Unofficial T-Mobile blog, TmoNews, noticed the latest nano-SIM cards showing in stores on Saturday. But since the SIM cards just began arriving in a few days ago, it might not be accessible all around the U.S. just yet.

The launch came as a bit of a shock – the smaller Sims were not estimated in stores until the mid of October – as per speculation. But nobody is complaining about getting the cards 2-3 weeks early.

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