iPad2 Gold History Edition: Costs $8.2 Million

iPad2 Gold History EditionEarlier a while most of us read about planet’s priciest iPhone4 engrossed in diamonds along side it, And now today its all regarding to iPad 2 and the numbers we have been evaluating is up to U.S 82,00,000 dollars. Amazing!! The person powering all of these extreme products is Stuart Hughes.

Specifications of iPad2 Gold History Edition

Liverpool situated Stuart Hughes has previously amazed all of us offering the high-class TV sets, a branded diamond waist belt, Bugatti Diamond car, most costly iPhone, world’s most costly iPhone pocket book, the world’s most high-priced suit as well as the earths priciest customized music store. But yet, on this one, He carried out the ultimate by having the wraps off its new iPad 2 Gold History Version, which costs a stunning 50 hundred thousands Pounds its about 81,50,000 dollars. It comes festooned with 12.5 carats of ‘I’F’ Impressive diamonds, an overall total of 53 separately arranged shining gem stones finished wonderfully in strong 24 carats Apple icon with backside portion developed again in 24ct Gold, analyzing in at 2,000 grams.


The primary front casing of iPad2 Gold History Edition is built from one of the most ancient rocks across the world, Ammolite, and that is taken right from Canada and is above 75 hundred thousands yrs old. To enhance the uniqueness, parts of a Sixty Five Million yrs old T-rex dinosaur’s thighbone has been splintered after which it shaved into the Ammolite, and then finalized with supreme jewel. A single cut 8.5 carats classic diamond is decorated in its own platinum encircle utilizing 12 external impressive diamonds

Images for iPad2 Gold History Edition

Quantity of iPad2 Gold History Edition

There are only 2 pieces of such iPad 2 Gold History Edition available for sale, The single factor remaining for Stuart Hughes at this point to await for two customers for his newest innovation

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