iPad Mini Takes Top Place on List of Most Breakable Devices

A new study has crowned iPad Mini as the most easily damaged gadget when compared against other cellular devices, like Samsung Galaxy S4, iPad Air and Moto X.


A new study in which a variety of mobiles and tablets were slipped from great heights and dunked in water. Each device was given a breakability score after going through stress checks designed to mimic incidents that could happen in everyday routine. The iPad Mini received a breakability score of 7.5, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 was considered the 2nd most-breakable device with a score of 7.

The iPad Air rounded out the leading 3 with a breakability ranking of 6.5. The Moto X was called the strongest device with the best breakability score: 4.5. Other gadgets taking part in the trial include the Samsung Galaxy S3 (6.5), the iPhone 5C (6), the Nexus 7 (6) and the iPhone 5S (5.5).

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