iPad Mini With Retina Display may be launched November 21

Apple has planned the iPad Air for a launch on the 1st of November but apart from a difficult November schedule, there is still no telling when the new iPad mini will be launched.


Pre-orders of the tablet are said for the 1st of November and assuming that is correct. Well as per a product listing of the tablet on Target’s website, it looks that they’ve listed the tablet for a launch on the 21st of November.  While a late November launch might be not so great for would-be iPad mini buyers, it does give Apple some time to push and make more sales for the iPad Air.

On the other hand interestingly enough the 21st of November drops on a Thursday as opposed to Friday which is when Apple normally releases its products. Obviously it is feasible that Target they are estimating the launch date and given its general November launch, they might be too far off their mark. Either way doesn’t get your expectations up just yet but maybe come 1st of November when the iPad Air is launched.

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