iPad mini pricing likely to start at $329

The earlier leak of a screen shot from a European inventory system revealed that iPad mini pricing would start at 249 Euros, which amounts to (at existing conversion costs) about $325, and it seems like that indeed might be the case.

Saturday’s report from 9 to 5 Mac cites unnamed sources and claims that U.S. pricing for the iPad mini, or whatever Apple will call its smaller, 7.85-inch tablet, will begin at $329 for the base model. This puts its price between the base 32GB iPod touch ($299) and the 16GB WI-fi only iPad 2 ($399).

An earlier report used the iPod touch’s value as a measuring stick, suggesting that the value of the base iPad mini could not be as low as some thought ($249), but would instead have to be above the iPod touch’s cost (the earlier report predicted $349).

Just as with the iPad, large storage tiers would’ve prices that ramp up at $100 increments. Cellular-based iPad minis would’ve a $130 premium, just as similar versions of the iPad do.

16GB wi-fi only $329
32GB wi-fi only $429
64GB wi-fi only $529
16GB wi-fi + cellular $459
32GB wi-fi + cellular $559
64GB wi-fi + cellular $659

This places the iPad mini at good price points when compared to the iPad and iPad 2 lines, which are priced as follows:

16GB wi-fi only iPad 2 $399
16GB wi-fi only new iPad $499
64GB wi-fi only iPad mini $529
32GB wi-fi only new iPad $599
64GB wi-fi only new iPad $699
16GB wi-fi + cellular iPad 2 $529
16GB wi-fi + cellular new iPad $629
32GB wi-fi + cellular new iPad $729
64GB wi-fi + cellular new iPad $829

This is, obviously, still just rumours. The real price points won’t be known until Apple’s October 23 launch event.


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