iPad mini battery three times more powerful than iPhone 5’s

MacRumors, the site dedicated to speculation and rumors regarding anything Apple-flavored, has pictures of what its source claims is the battery for the iPad mini. Clearly, the smaller iPad is still simply a myth, unreleased product.

However, author Eric Slivka does claim that markings on the battery are consistent with pre-existent cells. This specific battery unit has a power of 16.7 Watt-Hours, virtually 3 times more than the iPhone 5’s 5.45 Wh fuel cell.

We can only imagine as to whether or not this is the genuine deal or not, but, as the author of the original article claims, it’s the right size to fit inside the rumored tablet shell, and has an authentic-looking markings on it.

We’re still waiting to learn whether or not the iPad mini is even going to happen, all latest speculation is pointing towards a launch event on Oct 23rd.

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