iPad mini 2 won’t have a Retina display says Analyst

ipad miniAs per NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim, Apple iPad mini 2 will use the same display as the present model, though it will feature an upgraded processor and a thinner layout. The analyst also says Apple will release a brand new Retina iPad mini in early 2014, though his statements are full of holes.

First, it seems unlikely that Apple would release   iPad mini 2 this fall and then a third-generation design in “early 2014.” Apple has grouped iPad releases closely previously, but only when it offered a small enhancement on the fourth-generation model that added Apple’s fresh lightning connector port and coincided with the iPhone 5 release. The addition of a Retina display would not really be a small enhancement.

Finally, Shim has said several times that Apple iPad mini 2 will feature a Retina display. As currently as a few weeks ago, in fact, Shim said LG would start mass production of Retina displays for the 2nd iPad mini model either this month or in July.

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