iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 launch date tied to iOS 7 schedule

The iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 will come in the next month, if Apple doesn’t mind launching them without its shiny latest is 7 on board. Otherwise the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 will see a launch date in the fall along with iOS 7, the latest iPhone, and everything else which Apple has associated with the release of the new system software.


And at this point Apple’s launch patterns are so turned around that it’s getting more and more difficult to predict just what it has up its sleeve. It used to regularly release new iPhones in the fall along with the latest version of the iOS software, then launch latest iPads in the spring after the iOS software was six months old.

Last fall Apple inverted its launch date cycle, releasing the new iPhone in September along with iOS 6 as anticipated but then turning around and launching the iPad 4 and iPad mini 30 days later, also running iOS 6. This spring it launched nothing, and has now shown off a preview of iOS 7 while announcing that it’ll arrive in the fall.

Buzz has the iPad mini 2 near to being ready for release and the iPad 5 all but all set to go. Now the query is whether Apple is ready to release one or both now, while they’d still be running the decidedly last-year iOS 6, or whether it sits on them both until the fall so they can run iOS 7 out of the gate.

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