iPad Air Slammed With A Patent Sue

Apple has been sued by Hilltop Technology for allegedly breaking its patent for capacitive touch screen technology used in iPad Air and other devices. The Apple iPad Air allegedly breaks a patent used by Hilltop Technology. The firm has been submitted patent violation complaints against different firms since September 2013, when it was established.

iPad Air

Apple continues to be a magnet for patent trolls. The firm has drawn the focus of  the Hilltop Technology LLC, which has submitted a lawsuit, blaming the iPhone and iPad maker of patent violation relating to its touch displays. Using Patent 7,864, 503 as its basis, Hilltop Technology points to iPhones and iPads but general points to everything that makes use of a capacitive type touch panel.

The patent is initially linked to Yu-Huei Chang of Taiwan and assigned to Sense Pad Tech. The said patent was submitted on April 23, 2008 and released January 4, 2011. Hilltop has submitted the case at the Eastern District Court of Texas and calls for the court to ask Apple to stop breaking its patent and to pay for damages.




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