iPad Air costs $42 less to make than iPad 3 model

The Apple iPad Air is the most popular subject in the mobile world right this moment, and since its predecessor, the iPad 4, was rather far from mind-boggling, the prospect of a slimmer, lighter and altogether more elegant model has definitely been quite a long time in coming.

iPad Air

The tablet has been cost examined by none other than IHS Suppli, which has released its approximated part cost of the new and improved iPad Air. In short, it is believed that the total part cost is somewhere in the region of $274 for the bare-bones model, which works out at about 13% less than the iPad 3.

Looking at the different range of iPad Air models, IHS believes the range is between $274 and $361, with the latter covering the cellular, 128 GB model. To have managed to make this type of notably improved device at a basic level for considerably cheaper – a full $42 under the 16GB WI-Fi third generation iPad slipped last March – is quite amazing, especially when one considers that just about everything has been upgraded.

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