iPad Air 2 and mini 3 display improvement for 2014?

Even before Apple introduced the iPad mini 2 last season, it was almost certain to be improved to a Retina display, while the new iPad Air stuck with the same display resolution. It is for this reason why there are now speculation recommending that the iPad Air 2 and mini 3 will see a display enhancement in 2014.

ipad air

Since Apple introduced the Retina display on the iPhone 1st and later on the iPad it has been regarded as one of the top display technologies for smartphones and tablets. However, as technology has shifted on opponents now offer much better options and so Apple might be planning to make use of quantum dots.

This new patent is an interesting one because it is defined as mixing quantum dots with microelectromechanical systems shutter control, which is one more about Apple’s technologies. If Apple goes for this on forthcoming iPhones or iPads, then we could assume much bolder colors because the light will no longer leak out as it does with the normal technology.

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