iPad 5 reportedly to Use iPad mini screen technology

The Apple iPad 5 will be sporting the same touch panel technology found in the smaller iPad mini, as per the Wall Street Journal. The iPad 5 screen is said to use the same film-based touch panel that creates the iPad mini thin and light, as per unnamed sources who talked to The Wall Street Journal.


This would replace the heavy glass-based part of earlier full-sized iPads. The switch for iPad 5 would be on the heels of the success that Apple has had with the iPad mini and the new lightweight movie touch panel component.

The iPad 5 launch date is likely to be declared in October, as Apple introduced the iPad 4 and iPad mini toward the end of that month last year. While iPad 5 is thought to borrow the film-based touch panel technology from iPad mini, the mini is likely to take a concept from its full-sized version.

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