Internet Explorer 9 Lunched

Microsoft has released the newest version of that popular browser, IE 9, so following a very long time, the ultimate edition involved with Ie 9 is lastly here. People from Ms are usually happy with your newest update to Internet explorer, and based on them, IE 9 provides extensive  with regards to design dealing with, protection and personal privacy features.


The first time, IE 9 is able to contend with additional main web browsers for example Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Microsof company is particularly satisfied with resources that keep IE 9 users from being tracked because they experience different web pages. Using this function, firms won’t have the ability to present ads to surfers in accordance with their surfing patterns. Apart from which, we’ll see enhanced security and amazing graphic benefits due to its built-in acceleration utilizing both CPU and GPU.



Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) Complete Preview Video

How TO Download IE 9

Internet Explorer Will Only work on Windows 7 so if  you using Windows 7 and want to use IE 9 then you can download IE 9 from

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