Handyscope changes your iPhone into a digital dermascope

Folks out there aren’t kidding when they say that the iphone can do almost anything. Next up FotoFinder has come up with the Handyscope, a device that can be connected to the apple iphone and turn it into a digital dermascope.

The device can be placed upon a patient’s body and will illuminate it applying polarized light from the built-in LEDs. Pictures can be immediately seen in full screen with a zoom of up to 20x and stored easily. The information ‘s all encrypted and can be password secured, so you won’t have to worry too much about security problems. The Handyscope functions a built-in 2,400mAh power supply that is best for 8 hrs and can be charged up again via the regular apple iphone battery charger.

Being a healthcare device, it won’t come low-cost, though, and will set you back $1,590 when it’s introduced in Feb . and the app will cost you $11.99.

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