Hacker faces One million dollar fine for TV piracy

Abu Dhabi Law enforcement agency have questioned a hacker charged of violating intellectual property rights and helping a lot of computers users down load HD material of the OSN TV network, as per a report in Al Bayan newspaper.

The guy, who’s a legal OSN customer, allegedly create a web site that helped the unlawful sharing of OSN’s material files. The network says in a report that it discovered 802 breaches by the customer, and as per its conditions and terms, the hacker is liable paying a fine of for around $1,500 per violation. The network added the value of the fine is up to $962,400 (Dh3.5 million).

The Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance submitted a claim on behalf of the OSN network in the investigation department in Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi Law enforcement agency says the hacker has accepted to the violations, and presented to settle out-of-court by paying an undisclosed sum to the network to stop subsequent court proceedings that could also lead him to jail.

OSN says in a report. “The undisclosed negotiation amount serves as a deterrent warning to other criminals who’re associated with unlawful downloading.”

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