Google Maps Street View now available on iOS 6 and iPhone 5

It is no secret that Apple has been having a useless time with its maps. Nearly all of iOS 6 and iPhone 5 customers aren’t impressed with the new maps versus Google’s maps in iOS 5.

The issue has become so big that Apple’s Tim Cook has even apologized to iPhone 5 users about the problem and said people should ‘avoid iOS Maps, use Bing or Google’. Although it’s easy for any person running iOS 6 to use the Google Maps web app, there’s no access to Street View. So the news that Google has made Street View accessible in iOS 6 will be welcome map-related news.Google has made the Street View options available through the Safari browser.

All iPhone 5 and is iOS 6 customers have to do to find the feature is enter in the address in Safari, tap to drop a pushpin marker, and then click the common Street View icon which pops up on the bottom right of the screen. A fresh Safari window will then open with many Street View options enable, such as arrow navigation and extra zooming.

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