Gold-plated Apple iPhone 5 goes on sale

It’s the Apple iPhone 4S Black Diamond Model. It’s blessed with uncommon black diamonds. Black diamond with PVD finishing 564 pieces of black diamonds weight 4.8cts for bezel 25 pieces of black diamonds weight 0.21 cts for primary press button 2 pieces of black diamonds weight 0.16cts for volume buttons also the sim, mute and on/off buttons are paved in black diamonds.

Reportedly, Hughes’d edition of the most recent iPhone has been decked in 18-carat gold and has gold and diamond finishing. Turn the device over and you see the recognisable Apple logo design, encrusted in diamonds. Hughes has on offer a special edition of 100 models of this variety. Hughes’ edition of the iPhone 5 priced at a mind numbing £21,995 (close to Rs 18,76,888).

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