Galaxy S III more harmful than iPhone 5

The fight between iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III rages on — a study executed by the dis assembly firm iFixit and the nonprofit firm Ecology Center has concluded that the iPhone 5 is less harmful than the Galaxy S III smart phone.

The study, which sought out the levels of harmful chemical material in Smartphones, placed the iPhone 5 at the 5th place with a 2.8 score out of a total rating of 5, and the Galaxy S III in the 9th place with a rating of 3.0. Both Smartphones were topped by Motorola’s Citrus, which took the top place, then LG’s Remarq, the iPhone 4S and Samsung Captivate. The study’s objective was to find out the Eco friendliness of phones, and to check the levels of dangerous materials that could be potentially harmful to the environment and peoples’ health.

IFixit and Ecology Center disassembled 36 cell phones launched in the last Five years, and tested for 35 materials including chlorine, mercury, lead, arsenic, chromium, cobalt, copper, nickel and cadmium. Tests were carried out in cases, processors, buttons, circuit boards, screens and other hardware. Outcomes of the study are available on Ecology Center’s website.

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