Front Panel of the Alleged iPhone 6 Leaked

Apple iPhone 6 related speculations are gradually picking up their pace, although it’s still a long distance to go as Apple generally updates its iPhone in September. Recently, a picture indicating the front panel of the supposed iPhone 6 with a quite slim bezels, and thoughts at the chance of the forthcoming iPhone with a larger screen.

Supposed iPhone 6

It could be correct as seen numerous speculation in the past couple of weeks that Apple is intending to release an iPhone with a large display size, possibly about 4.7-inch. Even heard speculation that Apple will release 2 new iPhones, one carrying a display size of 4.7-inch while the other one will offer a display size of 5.5-inch. The display shows very slim bezels, basically it’s a little hard to spot them, and the size of the display doesn’t look to be 4.7-inch but a little less.

Apple normally launches a new iPhone in September, but a latest rumor suggested in the release of the device earlier than expected, possibly in July. Let’s just take this as a rumor and not on anything reliable, as Apple tries to ensure its devices doesn’t get leaked in the wild before is releasing.

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