Father upset after dead daughter’s voice mails deleted

A guy in Washington state is accusing T-Mobile for losing voice mails his girl left him before she passed away of cancer at the age of 14.

Faron Butler claims the voice mails were deleted after he joined a new texting service in February, and he does not believe T-Mobile authorities when they say the firm cannot recover them.

T-Mobile representative Cara Walker says the company regrets not informing Butler that the new service would mean the voice mails could be deleted. T-Mobile intends to approach the family to talk about compensation.

Butler’s lawyer, Chris Crew, says T-Mobile is attempting to avoid the cost of retrieving the messages. He intends to draft a case. Butler’s daughter, Rhema, was clinically diagnosed with cancer when she was 12, and passed away 2 yrs later in June 2011.

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