Fake DMCA Hurting Upcoming Movie Promotions

From Last few weeks there are tons of fake take down notices (DMCA Notices) sent to Google to remove content from Google Search results. Google as a corporation fearing any legal claim either fake or legitimate removes the disputed URL’s without probing the legitimacy of the Notice.

On Further investigating the matter we found that the Movie companies like EROS, Yash Raj Films and Sohail Khan Production have never sent any complaint to remove the promotional stuff from Google.

The Fake DMCA phenomena have increased to the extent of sending complaints to the well-known Web Portals like Bollywoodhungama.com and Sulekha.com

We have managed to gather some detail with the help of screen shots explaining the matter.


 URLs to the chillingeffects.org Site for both Claims:

You can see that a single person who’s name is same as Adil Saleem who worked for both companies: Yash Raj Pvt Ltd and Sohail Khan Production on the post of Senior Production Manager and he lives in Pakistan clearly shows the non-legitimacy of the complaint.

First of all there is no person “Adil Saleem” worked for Yash Raj pvt Ltd nor Sohail khan Production. Yes we have confirmed this from both the companies about the guy that are sending fake take down notices on their behalf.

Yash Raj Pvt Ltd have hired an Anti-Piracy Company “Aiplex” to protect their Copy Rights over the internet for the movie Dhoom 3. No One else is authorized to send any type of Copyright Claim except “Aiplex” on their behalf.
Same the Case with Sohail Khan Production who have not yet appointed any company or person to protect their work over the internet. 

 We have further got to know that the same guy “Adil Saleem” sent different fake claims on the behalf of “B.R Entertainment” who have the rights for the movie “Joe Bhi Karvalo” and Bhushan Kumar who owns the rights for movie audio songs “Yaariyan”. 

Fake DMCA Notice URLs on behalf of B.R Entertainment and Bhushan Kumar:

 In the past we have seen the movie Rambo Rajkumar which was hit with the similar Fake DMCA attack to remove every promotion stuff including the movie trailer and promotional songs from the internet resulting a low turnover and average movie rating from the critics.

 We sent out an email asking Google to give their stance on Fake DMCA Notices and their aftermath. We further asked GOOGLE the following questions.

  • Is it that easy to abuse their DMCA system?  
  • Is is that easy to remove any competitor from the Search engine. 
  • Should there be a double check on DMCA complaints before removing any content from Google?

We are still waiting for a reply.

You can also check the Google Transparency Report about DMCA Notices over here and can Share your views via our comment system.

Update1: Any Webmaster who are also being the victim of fake DMCA Notices can fill a counter DMCA using this Google Form.

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