Experts disclose how to hack an iPhone in 60 seconds

3 Georgia Tech experts have disclosed how to hack iPhones and iPads with malware imitating normal apps in under 60 seconds using a malicious charger. Today at a Black Hat USA 2013 media conference, the hackers disclosed the very first time how the USB charger they built can compromise iOS devices in under a minute.


Billy Lau, Yeongjin Jang and Chengyu Song showed how they made a regular looking charger into a harmful vector for transmitting viruses using an open source BeagleBoard, available for $125. For the demo, the experts used an iPhone. They attached the phone, and when the passcode was entered, the sign-code attack started. For the trial, the Facebook app was used for example.

Within a few moments of connecting in the charger, the Facebook app was invisibly taken off the device and easily replaced with a Facebook app imitation with a harmful payload. The app’s icon was in a similar spot as it was before the attack – no one is able of understanding the application isn’t viruses.

The experts said that all the user needs to do to begin the attack is enter their passcode – they stated that this is a style of normal use, such as to check a message while the phone is charging.

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