Drip Signs USB Hot Mug

usb travel mugYou are aware how a person take what you consider is really a very hot drink by a flask and practically throw out when you think it is  cold? Which are anything of history having a 12 volt USB Hot Mug. It can keep the cocoa, coffee or tea hot all day every day. This really is owing to twin plugs that keep your hot mug up even if you are stored on the transfer your vehicle. It arrives with a 12 volt plug for your car and a USB connector for your Computer.

The Warmed Mug is really a double protected one made from steel having a spill-proof cover. It is manage with a smooth hold rugged one. It could support sixteen ounces.This mug is ideal to help keep one heated up on cold days also it’s ideal any time the first is traveling for some time travel time, much more with kids in whose obtain a warm cup of cocoa may be otherwise difficult to reply to instantly and without creating a stop.

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