Court Orders Samsung To Pay An Extra $290 Million To Apple

Back in 2012, Apple claimed a case against Samsung which saw damages of $1 billion that could potentially have been given to Apple. However it was later ruled that this was a mistake of $400 million, which is why Apple and Samsung are back in the courts yet again where each side are arguing for more/less revenue.

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Well it seems like a middle ground had been reached as the court has since made a decision that Samsung owes Apple an additional $290 million for infringing upon their patents. Apple had anticipated to receive $379 million, while Samsung approximated that they owed maybe an additional $52 million.

Safe to say neither side got what they wanted, although in Samsung’s case it looks like this is surely over what they had initially hoped to pay. In total, along with the damages given for the initial trial, it’s been reported that Samsung now owes Apple $640 million in damages.

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