China behind United states satellite attack?

It looks as though hackers were the ones behind the strike on 2 of USA’s satellites in 2007 and 2008, and they look to hail from China – at least that is what a study which will be launched the following month from a congressional commission says. Currently, the hackers succeeded to get access to the satellites thru a ground station in Norway.

These satellites’ main responsibility would be for weather and terrain checking. NASA monitored the Landsat-7 earth-observation satellite, where it expert at least a dozen min’s of disturbance in October 2007 and July 2008, while the Terra AM-1 satellite experienced disturbance for 2 min’s in June 2008, then yet another 9 min’s in October later in the same yr. Notes described that the hackers “achieved all actions needed to command” the Terra AM-1 satellite, although they halted short of doing so.

Perhaps the task between the hackers was only to reach that and do no hurt otherwise? Consider what would have occurred if the attacker shown to be more harmful than that, and if this kind of satellites could be hacked, who’re we to point out that the satellites operate by army and intelligence groups won’t fall target as well?

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