Cell phones banned from Sharjah schools

The Sharjah Educational Zone has made a decision to ban students in Sharjah schools from bringing cell phones to school.” Cell phones will be restricted with instant effect across all schools in Sharjah,” Saeed Misbah Al Kaabi, Director of Sharjah Educational Zone, told Gulf News.

A circular has been released telling schools of the verdict, he says. Schools have been told to confiscate cell phones and pc tablets brought to school by students. Schools have also been told to take action to apply the verdict. “There is common use of cell phones among students now and we have received many claims relating to this.” Al Kaabi advised teachers to keep their cell phones turned off during school hrs.

Abraham Mathew, Vice-Principal at Emirates National School in Sharjah, says: “It is a good judgement. An raising lots of kids are bringing cell phones to school and there are a growing number of episodes involving wrong use being reported. “They have had issues involving photos taken with the cell phones submitted on social media sites, he added.

Dr Aninda Chatterji, Principal of Our Own English High School, Sharjah, says that the school presently has a ban on the use of cellphones by students. “In general, use of cellphones is a serious problem now. It could possibly develop a number of issues and disturb the kids, which is why we don’t permit it.”

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