Apple won’t use Samsung displays for iPad 5 and iPad mini 2

iPad mini 2The iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 will apparently not feature Samsung displays, a possibility that doesn’t worry Samsung.

Apple and Samsung are bitter opponents, but Apple regularly depends on Samsung for parts for the iPhone and iPad. It seems that Apple is actively moving away from Samsung for the next generation of mobile items.

The latest rumor from etnews says that Apple sent requests for parts reports for the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 to suppliers and didn’t include Samsung on the list. While Apple rarely addresses this kind of speculation, it seems that Vice Chairman Oh-Hyun Kwon of Samsung Electronics is comfortable talking about the issue, informing media at a recent event that, ” the orders can go up and down in the course of any business – some are sensitive about the issue, but I am not worried about it.”

If correct this report doesn’t signal major changes to the iPad 5 display or point towards or away from an iPad mini 2 with a Retina Display. Apple is also said to be moving Apple A7 processor production away from Samsung. There’re reports that Apple is testing out Intel production for 10% of the chips and working to shift the majority of the production from Samsung to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company by 2014.

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