Apple Wants $2bn Damages from Samsung in New Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Apple has sued its rival South Korean company’s Samsung again over alleged copying of its models and features brand new mobile phone designs. Apple is looking for $2bn (£1.2bn, €1.5bn) or $40 per device in damages – around 5 times the volume sought in the past lawsuit.

apple, samsung

Samsung is currently the smartphone market leader, sales for a 1 in 3 of all devices sold previous year. Apple is also attempting to bring internet giant Google into the lawsuit by calling the experts who developed the Android operating system, which is widely used in Samsung mobile phones. The designers will have to clarify how they developed the OS independently of Apple.

In the most recent lawsuit, the iPhone maker arrested Samsung of infringing on 5 patents on more recent devices, such as the fast-selling Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Apple says that Samsung copied its tap-from-search feature that facilitates any person to call a phone number identified online as well as the “slide to unlock” feature.

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