Apple to Launch iPhone 5S on September 10

Rumors about iPhone 5S have been mounting over the last couple of months, and now, a release date may be at hand. As per technology website, Apple will hold a special event Sept. 10 to announce the next model of the iPhone and more information about is 7, the next version of the iPhone and the iPad operating system.


Apple turned down to comment on the report. However, the date would fall into Apple’s normal iPhone release plan — it was near to a year back on September 12, 2012 that the company introduced the iPhone 5. Apple has normally released its new hardware products on a Tuesday or Wednesday and then started delivery and selling them in stores a week and a half after on a Friday.

The iPhone 5S is likely to have a similar pattern to the present iPhone 5, but add a fingerprint reader for added security, faster internal parts and an enhanced camera. Apple has also been rumored to be focusing on a less expensive model of the iPhone, called the iPhone 5C. While Apple hasn’t said on the upcoming iPhones, it has shown off the software that will run on them.

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