Apple To Introduce Retina iPad Mini In Q3 2013?

Apple is reportedly focusing on a remodeled 9.7-inch iPad as well. The new fifth-generation iPad could see a newly designed aluminum alloy metal chassis and could feature a design that is just like the iPad mini, with a slim bezel and lighter frame.

Previously, Apple would upgrade the iPad on a yearly renew cycle, but in late 2012, Apple released the fourth-generation iPad, about 6 months after the third-generation iPad was launched. The hardware was replaced to an A6X processor and the new Lightning port was added. So right now, it looks releases are kinda up in the air.

Despite launching the iPad mini without Retina display, Apple hasn’t seen a major drop in iPad mini deliveries since it 1st released towards the end of 2012 and the company is allegedly likely to deliver 55 million iPad mini models in 2013.

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