Apple suffers setback in iPhone trademark conflict in Mexico

After losing its first attempt to register the iPhone name in Mexico, Apple has also lost its appeal to the Mexican Court, citing the iFone was making proper using its brand.

Now, iFone is free of any further obstructions to continue to submit its own claims against not just Apple, but against 3 mobile carriers in Mexico, America Movil, Telefonica and Grupo Iusacell.

Apple hasn’t made any talk about the judgment. The 3 carriers that have been selling the iPhone believe the conflict is between iFone and Apple, and otherwise had no remark about any potential claims against them. This marks another hit against Apple south of the border. A few weeks ago, Brazil’s Gradiente Eletronica SA won its case against Apple to keep the rights to the iPhone name for its Android powered mobile phone.

In Mexico, the fight wasn’t over the brand of a device though, it’s over the name itself, as a service for which iPhone has been using for years. The firm didn’t expose how much it would seek in damages, but iFone’s lawyer, Eduardo Gallastegui, stated that Mexican law allows for a minimum of 40% of sales made during the time period where the property rights were breached.

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