Apple sues Samsung over model of devices

The apple company has charged Samsung for duplicating of it’s iPad tablet and iPhone smart phone. This refers to the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, which bears over a passing similarity to the apple iphone 3G / 3GS designs, and the just a bit less clear Epic 4G, Nexus S, and Galaxy Tab units.

The case was submitted in the Northern District of California and wants injunctions to protect against Samsung, destroys and a discovering that the violation was willful. Lest we overlook, the most rare result in this kind of lawful fights is for an genuine verdict to truly be passed down, so the biggest chance is that this will only lead to one more round of grudging handshakes and certification moving one direction with revenue moving the some other direction.

One more factor to these process that should not be ignored is that, on the application main area, they boil down to iOS against Android (yet again). When Apple company calls Samsung uninventive in it’s ui, it is discussing a little more about Android’s identified replica of the apple iphone’s software than whatever TouchWiz changes Samsung has slapped ahead. And hey, if you are proceeding to file a claim Google not directly, you cannot leave a serious participant like Samsung not in the court room, it simply would not be reasonable.

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