Apple submits claim against chinese vendor for using EPAD Trademark

Apple, which already deals with uncertainty over ownership of the iPad trademark in China, has submitted a complaint asking for a local Chinese luggage vendor drop the EPAD trademark it utilizes on its products. On February 2, Chinese company EBox Digital Technology Product received a issue from Apple, asking the firm to stop the EPAD trademark because it nearly looks like the iPad name, a spokesperson with EBox claimed on Thursday.

The issue had been submitted through China’s trademark office. EBox is a maker of notebook luggage cases, and has been using the EPAD logo on its items. The firm has no intends to use the EPAD name for any electronics or tablet units, said the spokesperson, who’d only reveal her name as Cheng. Apple is already locked in a lawful struggle with local Chinese firm Proview for ownership of the iPad logo in China. Apple was dealt a lawful blow in December when a court in Shenzhen, China turned down the firm’s claims to the logo.

Apple has appealed the judgement. EBox opposes Apple’s issue and is planning a proper response. Apple rejected to comment. EBox applied for the EPAD logo in 2010, as per a China’s trademark office web site. The on-going trademark fight over the iPad name threatens to ban product sales of Apple’s well-known tablet in China. Proview has submitted its own law suits and claims asking for that Chinese authorities quit vendors from selling the iPad.

Recently a Chinese court instructed a local electronics vendor to stop selling iPads at one of its stores. A Proview spokesperson has claimed Apple should pay US$400 million for the iPad trademark. Several Chinese buyers have suggested Apple rename its tablet to avoid further law suit.

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