Apple spent £350m on speeding up development of iPhone 6 screen: Report

The iPhone 5S only has been available for 8 weeks, but Apple has invested $578m (£353m) to speed up development for the iPhone 6. Apple are ploughing their assets into the growth of the special type of glass it will use for the display on the next iPhone.


Experts foresee that Apple will use sapphire glass for their next display. This glass is pricey and harder to make than the Corning Gorilla Glass Apple presently uses. Apple presently uses a sapphire glass on the iPhone 5S’s Touch ID button, and on the cover of its rear-facing camera.

Sapphire glass is said to be so robust it’s virtually scratch-free. Apple is so impatient, it’s invested £353 million on hurrying up the growth of the display tech. The money will go towards creating the furnaces needed to make high volumes of the screen glass.

There’s speculation that Apple is focusing on a larger screen for the iPhone 6, to maintain the growing need for phablets.

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