Apple says 20 billion apps downloaded in 2012

AppleNearly 20 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store in 2012, the iPhone maker has mentioned. Apple mentioned that over 40 billion applications have been downloaded since the App Store opened in July 2008.

That means close to half of all Apple’s app downloads were made a year ago, illustrating the speed at which the ecosystem is growing, the Telegraph reports. Apple also mentioned that December was record-breaking, with 2 billion downloads – around a 10th of the season’s downloads, being made that month.

As per the paper, Apple’s download statistics exclude app updates and re-downloads. Apple added that the App Store now has over 500 million effective accounts. That does not mean the firm has 500 million credit cards on its files, however, because it’s possible to develop an App Store account utilizing an iTunes gift card, the paper said.

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