Apple Remains No.1 Smartphone Maker In America

AppleIf anybody needed evidence, the U.S. smartphone market can be summed up in 2 words: Apple and Samsung. Those are the findings by ComScore, with Apple is increasing its lead as the nation’s leading Smartphone company. The iPhone maker had 39.2 % of the household market at the end of May, growing its share 0.3 points.

Samsung also enhanced on its February second-place showing, growing 1.7 percentage points to get 23 % of the American market. Meanwhile, Google’s Android is still No. 1 Smartphone platform in the U.S., although Apple’s is inching up during the three-month period which ended in May…

Apple’s place as a top Smartphone maker in the U.S. rose to 39.2 % of the market, up 0.3 % from the earlier 38.9 %, as per ComScore. Samsung improved its standing by 1.7 %, up from 21.3 %. HTC, Motorola and LG rounded out the top 5 Smartphone makers sold in the USA.

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