Apple releases update for Verizon iPhone 5 to solve WiFi problems

Apple unveiled on Sunday an update that fixes an issue where the iPhone 5 draws data from the carrier Verizon despite being associated with a Wi-Fi network. Apple’s advisory said the issue happens “under certain circumstances” but didn’t give more information.

The issue could potentially raise users’ bills if they exceed the data allowance allowed by Verizon. The update comes as people have reported other problems connected to Apple’s most recent iteration of its well-known Smartphone, launched September. 21, including Wi-Fi connectivity problems and that the phone is easily scratched. The iPhone 5 has been also been slightly criticized for not allowing latest technology like NFC but mostly been praised as a reliable product.

But Apple President Tim Cook apologized on Friday for Apple’s mapping application, which substituted Google Maps in iOS 6. People reported this software was not accurate and contained issues. Cook said the program would improve, and until then customers can use Microsoft’s Bing, Google Maps or Nokia’s Waze.

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