Apple patent suggests a slimmer MacBook Pro

In case  you didn’t understand, a primary reason that the MacBook Air is so slim is because of the reality that it lacks an optical drive, which is also among the functions (or lack of) that different it from the MacBook Pro lines. Well, it seems like Apple has found a strategy to make the MacBook Pro without reducing its features. As per a currently found patent, Apple has handled to get slimmer the optical drive by reinventing it.

Normal optical disc drives need the down and up movement of a motorized hub that puts the disc into position – it’s the mechanism that causes the whirring and churning sounds when you put a disc. By removing this securing device, the size of the optical drive could be significantly decreased. Apple’s treatment to this issue? Magnets.

As per the filed patent, with the using hubs, clamps and magnetic fields, the present system used to safe discs in position can be renewed, which enables for much slimmer drives, which in turns leads to a slimmer laptop (in such a case, the MacBook Pro).

Now there’s no informing if Apple is planning to use this concept – of course, it’s just a patent and more than half of the items that gets patented never see the light of day. But don’t be too shocked later on if Apple does pull it off. You might even see these extremely slim disc drives being used in the MacBook Air.

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