Apple Has Millions Of iPhone 5C Models Unsold

iPhone 6 launch date may take place in the near future as reports stated large numbers of iPhone 5C models were still unsold. As per Digitimes, around Three million iPhone 5c models are waiting for customers, of which 2 million models are saved in Pegatron’s stores, while 1 million models are collecting dust in carriers’ and retailers’ drawers.

iPhone 5C

Earlier reports disclosed iPhone 5S was the real winner among the 2013 iPhone units that Apple came up with. The affordable iPhone 5C failed to attract iPhone customers yielding to weak sales and earnings. A few customers thought iPhone 5C failed to show that it is a low-cost iOS device. But the tables could turn when carriers and retailers decline the current rates to clear the remaining stock once the iPhone 6 will be launched.

iPhone 6 launch date was fixed to appear as soon in September this season. The reports said iPhone 6 launch date will adopt last year’s release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Customers can assume the iPhone 6 close to September or October, as per iDigitalTimes. It was earlier claimed iPhone 6 will be launched in June at Apple’s Annual Worldwide Developers’ Conference along with the forthcoming iOS 8.

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