Apple might introduce cheap iPad instead of 7” model

There’s been plenty of gossips surrounding a likely iPad of the 7” variety, but it looks that around all those gossips, Brian Blair, an expert from Wedge Partners, looks to feel that Apple won’t be introducing a 7” iPad but will instead concentrate on a cheap iPad, much like how Apple launched the 8GB iPhone 4 that was costed very much less than the iPhone 4S.

However this doesn’t mean that Apple doesn’t have a 7” in the works as Brian looks to feel that Apple has a 7” model available somewhere, but has instead made a decision to forgo it in prefer of the 9.7” form issue that has been utilized by both the iPad and the iPad 2. The chance of a 7” iPad has always been denounced by a Steve Jobs quote who thought that the 7” size was extremely small to “express the software”. On the other hand despite renunciation of a 7” iPad, gossips have still handled to make their way their around and have even received a few traction.

So how much will this intended “cheap” iPad cost? After studying the expenses, Brian Blair thinks that the iPad 2 will be Apple’s response to a cheap iPad and also address the requirement in the mid-tier variety which he believed to be around $249-$499, and that Apple could supply a 16GB iPad 2 anywhere between $349 to $399 after the launch of the iPad 3.

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