Apple making plans to launch a 12.9-inch iPad: Report

The larger iPad speculations center on reports that iPad component and parts providers are gearing up for the fresh devices. Meanwhile, a French Website says the rumored September 9 release date for the iPhone 6 looks right. The rumor mills surrounding Apple already have been hectic along with reports of new iPhone 6 devices and expected iWatches from the Cupertino, Calif.-based firm.


Now there is yet another Apple product rumor, this one indicating a 12.9-inch iPad, which would be the largest model made so far, that could be launched in early 2015. Also appearing are online images that allegedly show evidence that Apple intends to launch its new iPhone 6 designs on September 9, a date that has come up before in speculations surrounding the product’s release.

The larger iPad rumor appeared in an August 27 story by Bloomberg about how Apple parts and component providers are gearing up to set up the larger devices in manufacturing starting in the initial quarter of 2015. The report was based on talks along with unnamed people involved in the production process.

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