Apple loses case over iPad name in China

A Chinese court in Shenzhen has refused a brand violation case Apple registered against Proview Technology over the iPad’s name.Proview has owned the Chinese rights to the iPad trademark since the year 2000.

Apple bought worldwide rights to the trademark in the past, but the agreement apparently didn’t include brand rights in China. Proview continuously hold trademark rights to the iPad name in China, and is reportedly seeking a US$1.5 billion ruling against Apple for trademark violation by selling the iPad in China.

In October ’10, Proview Chairman made Proview’s motivations for the suit abundantly clear in an interview with Financial Times. “It is overconfident of Apple to just neglect our rights and go ahead selling the iPad in this market, and we will resist that. Besides that, we’re in massive economic problems and the trademarks are a useful tool that could help us sort out part of that problems.”

The refusal of Apple’s brand case likely indicates Proview can now move forward with its own case against Apple over the iPad name.

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