Apple launches fresh legal attack on Samsung

AppleIf suing the Samsung Galaxy Tab wasn’t enough and also the collection of galaxy Android Smartphones on this occasion Apple have made a decision to take on and sue Google/Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This occasion over the slide to unlock feature but to be sincere I didn’t even know that the Galaxy Nexus basically had this feature and secondly Apple says this to be their patetnt and invention.

But to me its more like Apple are in severe deep waters with contest from both Android and Samsung and lets remember other cell phone companies as well. Now the more exciting point here is, since this is a Google phone and made by Samsung for Google will Google step in and get involved in this claim or court case. A few of these copy right rules that exist in some of these areas and as ususal Apple or Crapple declare they invent everything, more like copy other folks inventions, re name it and lie and claim that they invented it, this company for certain is one big joke.

Clearly with the launch of the Galaxy Nexus Apple have now actually got them selves into deep waters and loosing out on share of the market, so their only sneaky way to earn money is to begin a suing business, actually its the only thing their good at.

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