Apple Is Losing The Fight For iOS Homescreens

Apple still rules supreme on is homescreens at least in the U. S. -But a host of Trojan Horses have been cropping up just recently.  It’s not unexpected that Apple‘s first-party apps would rule as homescreens.


After all, such as Microsoft’s Windows, the majority of customers aren’t sophisticated or serious enough to seek out an option to a platform’s default app, even when they are demonstrably better. It took the European Commission to force Microsoft to give its Windows customers a real option in web browsers.

As per new data from Betaworks, which examined the home screens of 1,000 IOS customers, around 69% of homescreens had a Facebook app on them (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or Pages). That number goes up to around 81% if include Whatsapp, Facebook’s most recent investment.

While Facebook totally bombed with its Facebook Home application layer and the Poke app, it has done extremely well with its core social app, as well as its string of acquisitions, including Instagram.

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