Apple iPhone to make life painless for diabetes patients

Diabetes patients will be able to handle their problem with an Apple iPhone because of a blood sugar monitor which will allow sufferers to check their glucose levels at any time using the phone.

The iBGStar unit, which connects to an Apple iPhone or iPod touch, comes with a zero cost Diabetes Manager App that makes it easy to store, track and analyse health-related data.

Accurate checking of blood sugar levels is vital to the management of diabetic issues. It’s particularly significant for those with Type-1 diabetic issues, an auto-immune condition that can lead to harmful rises in glucose levels. High blood sugar can lead to severe problems including harm to the heart, renal system, nerves and eyes.

iBGStar, available in Boots, works in the same way but is only one inch long and attaches straight into an iPhone or iPod Touch. Application carries out the analysis and flashes the outcomes on to the screen.

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