Apple iPhone 6 to Feature Super-Sensitive Sharp Touchscreen

iPhone 6The most persistent Apple iPhone 6 speculation relating to possible specifications and features is that of a stylus-enabled touch screen much like that of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

This kind of technology has become really famous over recent times and would by rights increase the charm of the iPhone 6 quite dramatically – just at a time when Apple really require to win over the world yet again.

However, what if Apple were to unveil an iPhone 6 that didn’t add a stylus, for the simple reason that customers could write on the touchscreen with a common pen or pencil? Bizarre as it may sound that’s just the rumor we’re considering this week – an iPhone 6 with a super-sensitive touchscreen technology that can be utilized along with a standard pen or pencil rather than special stylus. Said touchscreen is reportedly being made by Sharp and will not only be eight-times more delicate than present touchscreens.

And what’s more, it’s also been recommended that the iPhone 6 touch screens from Sharp will be fairly noticeably slimmer and lighter than any present being utilized, which along with creating more space within the outer-casing will also lead to huge reductions in manufacturing and shipping charges.

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