Apple iPhone 6 Price Could Be Increased By $100: Analyst

It may only have been a couple of months since Apple launched its 2 brand new iPhones, speculation about the upcoming iPhones have already started circulating. It is highly considered that this season the company is going to launch 2 iPhones again. This is also thought to be the very first occasion that it extremely bumps up the screen sizes, with 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches being the rumored screen sizes.


If analyst Andy Hargreaves of Pacific Crest is to be thought, screen size may not be the only thing being bumped up in the next iPhone. The subsidized price of iPhone has been $199, for the base design. Hargreaves anticipates that with the iPhone 6 Apple is going to raise it to $299. If this happens, it would have a domino effect and $100 would be increased on other versions as well. There has typically been a $100 difference in the price of designs that only vary based on storage offered.

The analyst holds the opinion that this won’t have a major effect since “Apple customers are relatively insensitive to price.” In simple terms, he suggests that most of Apple’s iPhone consumers don’t care if the price goes up as long as its a new iPhone.

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