Apple iPhone 6 may have 8 Mega pixel camera

While several Android smartphone makers are planning to enhance the appeal of their leading mobiles by hiking the mega-pixel count on the phones’ cameras, Apple has been rumored to launch its iPhone 6, the company’s next-generation smartphone, with the same 8-MP camera that exists on the present edition.


Despite the trend for higher mega-pixel cameras in smartphones, Apple isn’t likely to boost the camera sensor on the iPhone 6 and instead choose to focus on other ways of increasing picture quality. Megapixels are less of a concern for the company than overall picture quality, which the iPhone-maker is likely to achieve through software advancements and functions like optical image stabilization, AppleInsider reported, citing people familiar with the issue. As per AppleInsider, the present iPhone 5s is a great example of Apple’s lack of interest in bumping up figures in terms of the camera sensor pixel count.

Instead of improving the number of pixels on the iPhone 5s, Apple increased each pixel size to improve the sensor’s light-gathering features. In addition, the company also launched a faster f/2.2 lens group, which provides improved efficiency in settings with low or bad lighting.

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