Apple iPhone 6 May Go with Edge-to-Edge Sapphire Display

Apple has registered a patent that discloses a few of the ways it might utilize sapphire in its upcoming devices, like the iPhone 6 and the next iPad. The patent basically explains ways that sapphire might be linked to electronics, but in doing so it discloses potential applications for the material.


Apple might apply a sapphire coating to make it devices’ displays even tougher than the Gorilla Glass it presently utilizes. Sapphire is hard to break and literally very clear, after all. But how about using sapphire to dissipate heat from an iPhone’s processor?

It turns out sapphire conducts heat equally efficiently as some metals do, and the new Apple patent explains mounting the crystal to a device’s chip to assist absorb one particular degree. When it comes to how the sapphire would actually be attached, the patent points out several methods.

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