Apple iPhone 6 could come along with reversible USB cable

The iPhone 6 could well come along with an ingenious new charging cable, as per a recently disclosed image. When Apple released the Lightning charger port standard in 2012 along with the iPhone 5, it provided a much tidier option. Best of all, it could be plugged in either way up.


For its next strategy, it looks as if Apple is set to address the USB end of the iPhone cable along with the release of the iPhone 6. It could mean an end to fumbling around with your phone or tablet charger – at least for Apple customers. Serial iOS leaker Sonny Dickson published the above picture on his Twitter profile not long ago. It apparently shows a “reversible USB port on the new Lightning cables.”

It seems as if the real connector part, which is normally set to one end of the metal housing, has here been slimmed down and placed in the middle of the housing, with connector strips placed on either side. The outcome – a USB connector that can be put any way up. An Apple patent application for this very technology emerged last week, which looks to lend more reliability to this picture.

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